Brand Activation Ideas for seasonal holidays

Seasonal holidays are family-friendly events that present a great opportunity to get creative with some of the interactions we spoke about yesterday.

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Today we're back to reality and tackling seasonal holidays. These are generally family-friendly events so it's a great opportunity to get creative with some of the interactions we discussed in yesterdays email.

Christmas is usually the big one in everyone's' calendar, but many of the following ideas can be re-used for all sort of seasonal events and holidays.

Idea #1 - Treasure hunt (with QR-codes)

A QR-code treasure hunt is a novel way to get entire families engaged around the holiday seasons. Customers start at a location and scan a branded QR code. This brings the user to a quiz, game or website experience that ,when completed, gives them a hint to find the next QR code. They need to track each clue down until they get to the end of the treasure hunt, where you can reward them with a giveaway or digital download.

This can work across the seasons:

  • Santas little helpers. Find all of Santas helpers around a physical location.
  • Digital Easter egg hunt. Find all the eggs, ending up at a location to receive an actual easter egg.

Idea #2 - Naughty or nice list

This is a fun activation for kids, where they take part in a simple quiz game that asks them a number of questions to see if they’ve been “naughty or nice” throughout the year. Depending on their score, they get put on the good or bad list (hopefully the former).

A mischievous twist on this is to replace the quiz with a simple SMS or email submission, where parents can enter their children on the “naughty” or “nice” list manually. These lists are displayed on-location where the children can see them for a period of time.

Idea #3 - A message from Santa

This is an experimental activation idea harnessing the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence (we’re actually going to go into a bit more detail on AI in a later email, but this one is too good to wait).

There are a number of astounding AI platforms that let you generate entire videos from text prompts. You can use this around the holiday season to allow parents to generate their own personalised message from Santa. This video would be emailed or shared with their kids.

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