Brand activation ideas for live events

One of the most common scenarios that experiential marketers find themselves pitching is live events including music & comedy festivals, concerts, food and drink festivals and other cultural events. Attendees are with friends and family and primed for fun and physical activations.

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"Send to a friend" video booth

If you'd like to add a creative spin to a live event, a video booth is a great choice. Of course, you can use a video booth to capture photos or video, but you could also introduce a “play along” mechanic. Some ideas are:

  • A sing-along or karaoke
  • A joke, standup routine or story
  • A funny face or pose

Once complete, the video is processed, adding elements like backgrounds, overlays, foreground decorations or face-swap. The video can be downloaded via QR code and shared with friends.

This is a wonderful way to create memorable moments and impressions people remember. And when these images are shared, they help to create outside buzz for your event.

First to buzz competitive quiz

A classic “Jeopardy” mechanic. Have up to 4 participants take part, each with the opportunity to answer trivia with the correct answer. Display a question on a screen and the first to buzz-in secures their chance to answer and gain points. But don't be too quick to the draw! Incorrect answers can send your score spiraling.

At the end of contest, the player with the most correct answers, points, or money wins a prize, and gains ultimate bragging rights over their friends.

Leave a message for a friend

With festivals full to the brim with family and friends, why not drive them toward your event space with a “leave a message” activation. Let attendees leave a message for their friends via SMS, WhatsApp or socials. Their friends are automatically notified that they've received a personalised message and directed to you booth. Here, they'll get their friend's message on the big screen, making for hilarious interactions. You can spice this up with photo or video booths mentioned above for even better content.

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