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Sporting events are the ideal scenario for brand activations. Competition is in the air and attendees are with friends so you can really ramp-up the physical element and get peoples' blood pumping.

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Race to the finish

Have two friends face-off against one another in a head-to-head racing game. This activation features a physical challenge of speed, power, or agility. For example, you can compete on two stationary bikes. The fastest rider covering the greatest distance, or burning the most calories, wins. This can be done with bikes, rowers, skiers, and other equipment that can send an electronic signal. A screen overhead displays the progress.

If physical exertion isn't in the cards, you can use button presses or paddles to hit a speed target. The person who can press the button fastest wins.

You can map the competition to any number of sports, including horse races, boat races, bike races, you name it.

To add a twist to the idea, you can implement a tug-of-war mechanic. Instead of a traditional race, competitors battle to see who can “pull” the other across a line.

Target or skill game

Test attendees accuracy with a skill-based target game. Using a simple hardware light sensor you can challenge participants to a number of different games depending on the event:

  • Score a goal or throw the ball through a narrow gap. Perfect for football or rugby events.
  • Sink a three-pointer for a basketball event.
  • Get a hole-in-one on the putting green. Add some crazy golf for added fun.

Pair these physical challenges with a big on-screen game activation that reacts to successful attempts. Then use a leaderboard to track the participants with the best score.

This is guaranteed to be a winner with competitive crowds.

Trivia quiz with leaderboard

Attendees like nothing better than to prove that they're the world's biggest fan. Put this to the test with a trivia quiz containing questions related to the event. Set a fixed amount of time and make sure the questions start easy, move to hard, then to ludicrously obscure to get the best engagement. Top this off with a leaderboard and you'll have people queuing up to try again.

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