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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't quite find what you're looking for? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.


  • We've a tight deadline. How long will it take?

    Usually, for a regular re-skin, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to turn-around once we've signed off.

    That said, we understand the nature of this type of work - things can change or appear on short notice and it's usually out of your control. We'll always do our best to meet tighter timelines and can get you out of a jam if needs be.

    If you require some custom development work, it's harder to say, but we'll be sure to give you a solid timeline once we know more.

    Schedule a call with us to discuss and we'll help you hit your deadline.

Payment and Billing

  • How is payment handled?

    For our regular competition apps and experiences, once we're ready to go, we'll provide you with a Stripe checkout link for 100% payment before development starts.

    Although we expect payment up-front, there's no funny business here. If you're not completely happy with the end result we'll be happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

    We can't predict the future (yet), but we can guarantee our work. If you're not happy with the end result, we'll refund you without question.

Custom Development

  • Can you develop a custom app?

    Yes absolutely. We're always open to developing bespoke projects. We've a full-stack development team that can build web, mobile or desktop apps.

    We'll first need to have a discussion about the project you have in mind. From there we can give you a ball-park cost and timeline. Schedule a call to discuss in more detail.

  • Can we add an extra feature?

    Yes, absolutely. If our apps and experiences don't quite do exactly what you need, we're able to build custom features for your particular use-case.

    Schedule a call to discuss in more detail and we can put together an estimate of the involved extra costs.


  • Who handles the physical installation?

    We’ve found that most agencies we work with are already extremely familiar with this part of the process and often have a number of vendors that they work with to build branded sets and installations. We’re focused on developing the software, so we leave the hardware to the experts!

    If you’re looking for a vendor to handle this, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you find a trustworthy partner in your area.

  • Who supplies the hardware (touch screens, tablets etc.)?

    For most agencies or brands, we suggest that they purchase a number of devices that can be re-used between campaigns, such as tablets, touch screens, laptops etc.

    We can provide you with suggestions and specs, so that you know what to buy, but we don’t supply the devices themselves.

  • Can this app work offline or in "kiosk mode"?

    Most of our apps are intended to work over the internet and via the browser. That said, there are times when it's useful to be able to run competitions in different ways. For example:

    • You want the competition to be run on-site at an event via "kiosk mode" (where the user can interact with the device but can't change the screen)
    • Internet is not available at an on-site event.
    • The app is being administered by a brand ambassador on a tablet of TV
    And many more unique situations. We've dealt with all of these in the past and for the most part it shouldn't be a problem adapting the apps for offline-mode. That said, there will likely be an additional cost in doing so and in some cases it just may not be possible.

    The bottom line here is to get in touch with us and let us know what you need. If it's possible, we'll handle it!


  • We'd like to present your apps to our client. Do you have any unbranded resources?

    We understand that you might want to show off some demos or resources to your clients under your own branding. We can help you out here and provide resources that don't have "Backstage" painted all over them.

    Similarly, we have demos that are completely stand-alone that you can share with your clients to give an idea of what things will look like.

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