Geolocation Challenge

Bring the race directly to the audience with a local geolocated activation.


Perfect For

  • National campaigns Icon National campaigns
  • Charity events Icon Charity events
  • Healthy-living brands Icon Healthy-living brands
  • Get your phone out and find your nearest event. Check-in, get your running shoes on and you're away to the races! Get across the line and add your time and distance to the overall collaborative goal.
  • A geolocated challenge like this lets you connect with customers directly at home. Whether it's running, cycling or walking, a distributed race is the ideal activation to get people involved across the nation. 

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No two activations are created equal. We've got a selection of common features we can chop-and-change to your specification.

    Browser Based

    This activation is web-friendly so as well as working on-site you can share it over the web and take part on your phone.

    Fully Digital

    This activation is fully digital, there's no need for any props or hardware. Everyone can take part from home


    Get the competitive juices flowing with a beautifully branded leaderboard that gets customers returning again and again to prove themselves #1.

    Long Haul

    This is the ideal activation for long-term campaigns that take place over days, weeks or months.

    Realtime Updates

    Live and direct. This activation updates in real time, so customers can see the results without having to refresh.

    Slick Animations

    We use understated animations to help add a touch of class to your activation.

A few more details

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    Payment. When your campaign gets the green light and we’ve been through the brief together, we’ll send you on a Stripe payment link which can be completed with credit card or debit card payment. Once we’ve received this payment we’ll get to work! Can’t do Stripe? Contact us to discuss alternative payment methods.

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    Domains. If your campaign is going out to the public, it will look much better under a custom branded domain. We will set this up for you and the cost of a standard “.com” is included in the above price. If you need a different suffix (”TLD”), there may be an additional cost. Alternatively, if you already have a domain (or subdomain) you’d like to use, we can provide your tech team with the DNS records you’ll need to plug in to go live. Bear in mind there may be some technical barriers if using your own domain. We’ll need to chat about it!

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    Hosting. We take care of the nitty-gritty, making sure your activation is hosted securely and always available. We include 6 months of hosting for all of our activations, which is included in the above price. If you would like to extend the activation beyond this timeline, we’ll organise a recurring hosting charge with you via Stripe when the time comes.


  • Who supplies the creative/designs?

    For our “ready to go” pricing, we expect your team to supply the creative (with our guidance if necessary). Our digital activations are often part of a larger campaign and we’ve found that agencies usually prefer to have their in-house designers provide the mockups for development.

    That said, we’re ready to step-in if that’s not the case. Our “with creative” pricing covers us handling the designs for you. We’ll need some guidance and assets from your or your client in this situation, but we’ll let you know what to request.

Have we missed something?

If you've got any questions or comments, give us a shout. We'd be delighted to go through your campaign and see if we've got an activation for you.