The Sampler

Prime those taste buds with a product sample. Which do you prefer?

  • Get out on the streets and put customers’ taste buds to the test. Have them sample a range of products then ask them to choose a favourite or answer a question.

    Love it or loath it they’ll be queuing up to get involved.

  • The sampler is a simple but extremely effective activation to grab customers’ attention. It usually works best in-person via tablets and touch screens with brand ambassadors standing by to dish out the samples, but can be reconfigured in a number of different ways.

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  • Big & bold

    No holds barred. This activation uses a simple mechanic but requires big beautiful branding to make an impact.

  • Sign up form

    Who’s who? Collect your customer data up front with a web form. This reduces friction and increases clarity and compliance.

  • Offline

    No signal? No problem. The sampler can work just as well offline as online, so you can use them at on-site events where wifi is sketchy.

  • Slick animations.

    It’s all in the details. We use understated animations to help add a touch of class to your quiz and making your brand shine.

  • Slick animations

    It’s all in the details. We use understated animations to help add a touch of class to your quiz and making your brand shine.

  • Analytics

    We collect GDPR-friendly analytics so you’re armed for the client debrief at the end of the campaign.

  • Data management

    You’re in control of the data. Export customer data via our administration panel and securely delete it when it’s time to move on.


Nobody likes surprises so we try to keep our pricing as transparent as possible.

  • Ready to go

    1 week

    You have artwork ready to go (logos, colors, type, illustrations). We just need to get it running for you.

  • With creative

    1 - 2 weeks

    You’ll work with our design team to create a pitch perfect branded experience for your client.

  • Custom dev

    2+ weeks

    We're, but you need some custom functionality we don’t currently support.

    1995 +

A few more details

  • Right Arrow

    Payment. When your campaign gets the green light and we’ve been through the brief together, we’ll send you on a Stripe payment link which can be completed with credit card or debit card payment. Once we’ve received this payment we’ll get to work! Can’t do Stripe? Contact us to discuss alternative payment methods.


  • Who supplies the creative/designs?

    For our “ready to go” pricing, we expect your team to supply the creative (with our guidance if necessary). Our digital activations are often part of a larger campaign and we’ve found that agencies usually prefer to have their in-house designers provide the mockups for development.

    That said, we’re ready to step-in if that’s not the case. Our “with creative” pricing covers us handling the designs for you. We’ll need some guidance and assets from your or your client in this situation, but we’ll let you know what to request.

  • Who handles the physical installation?

    We’ve found that most agencies we work with are already extremely familiar with this part of the process and often have a number of vendors that they work with to build branded sets and installations. We’re focused on developing the software, so we leave the hardware to the experts!

    If you’re looking for a vendor to handle this, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you find a trustworthy partner in your area.

  • Can we re-run a previous campaign again?

    Yes absolutely. Assuming there are no changes required to the creative or content we can re-launch your campaign for much lower “re-run” price. If you need to make a few small updates that’s also no problem. The best thing to do is get in touch with us to discuss in detail and we’ll supply an estimate of the costs involved to get your campaign back on track.

  • Who supplies the hardware (touch screens, tablets etc.)?

    For most agencies or brands, we suggest that they purchase a number of devices that can be re-used between campaigns, such as tablets, touch screens, laptops etc.

    We can provide you with suggestions and specs, so that you know what to buy, but we don’t supply the devices themselves.

  • Have you any demos or examples?

    Yes! Get in touch with us and we can run you through some previous campaigns and demos to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Have we missed something?

If you've got any questions or comments, give us a shout. We'd be delighted to go through your campaign and see if we've got an activation for you.