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Today’s activation is the “Real Time Fan Cam”, perfect for live sporting events, music festivals, anywhere else that has a big screen and enthusiastic audience.

In this activation, attendees use their smartphone to ”go-live” on the jumbotron for the entire stadium to see. Prompt them to roar on the home team, sing along to national anthem or show off their face paint.

The big screen shows a call-to-action via a massive QR code. This branded landing page also shows a rotating selection of the latest moderated entries (more on this later).

Anyone in the crowd take out their smartphone and scan the QR code via their camera app.

The user is then brought to a beautifully branded landing page to start the submission process.

Note that there are no apps here - everything here is handled via a normal website. No downloads, App Store submission or any other challenges that a native app introduces.

This sign up form is also a great opportunity to engage with the fans: bring them to the merch store, ask them to follow socials or grab their details for a newsletter.

Once submitted, they can then record their message via the built-in selfie cam on their phone. Give them a timer to keep the videos short. They can also retake if they’re not happy.

This is a great opportunity to add some branding: let the users overlay logos, emojis or text to personalise their video messages.

Once they’re happy with it, it’s time to upload.

Before appearing on the big screen, the video is first sent to a real-time moderation interface managed by the event team. Here any off-brand videos can be flagged and prevented from appearing on the big screen.

Approved videos are sent straight to the big screen. The event team can switch them out and change the currently playing videos in real time. The perfect balance between “live” and “safe”.

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