With the rise of remote work and virtual gatherings, keeping participants engaged can be a challenge. Even the most interesting live streams get boring if you're sitting at your desk. Distractions are abundant, people can easily switch tabs, multitask, or even leave the event unnoticed.

So why not inject a bit of fun and excitement into proceedings? Break up the monotony of standard virtual events with a keynote experience like bingo. Take 30 minutes in the middle of the event to host a few rounds that lets everybody get involved. Make sure to add some prizes to sweeten the deal and get people excited.

Here's how it works

  1. Pre-event hype: Tease virtual Bingo before the event, building excitement with sneak peeks of cards and prizes.
  2. Digital signup: Have players sign up before the event on a branded landing page sent out via email.
  3. Interactive cards: Distribute digital bingo cards featuring brand elements and relevant keywords.
  4. Live Host: Appoint a lively host to call out bingo numbers, infusing energy and humor.
  5. Slick animations: Have a virtual bingo machine dole out the balls with a beautifully animated interface.
  6. Prizes & Recognition: Offer prizes for wins and publicly recognize winners during the event.
On the day, they play along via a real-time interface.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced ROI: More engagement leads to memorable, impactful events.
  • Morale boost: Everyone can get involved, which is great for morale.
  • Lasting impression: Leave a positive, lasting mark on attendees.
  • Brand amplification: Participants share their experience, organically promoting your brand.

Switch it up

Bingo is a versatile and well understood game, giving you loads of options to make your mark.

  • Team spirit: instead of individuals playing, why not make offices or teams compete against each other to win. Include a leaderboard and let them battle it out over a few rounds.
  • Interactive challenges: Break up every round with a new challenge or ice breaker. Invite participants to take over the event and do a party trick.
  • Go mad: if you've ever been to Bongo's Bingo or Bingo Loco, you'll know that there are a million ways to make bingo fun and exciting. Take a leaf from their book and add in some virtual insanity with performances.

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