A "leave a message" video booth is a wonderful way to create memorable moments and impressions people remember at live events. Not only that, when the images & videos are shared, they help to create outside buzz for your event.

The user is prompted to record a message

Once recorded, it's uploaded and the user can scan a QR to view

Once scanned, they can view or share the video.

Although a traditional video recording booth is the most obvious activation approach, it doesn't always have to be physical and in-person.

Why not ask users to record themselves directly from their phone via the web to share with their friends. Use a QR code to launch the activation and have customers record themselves on their phone straight from the browser. No apps needed!

Whether you use a booth at an event, or ask attendees to record themselves via a phone, there are plenty of different situations this activation can shine:

  • 🎵 Music festivals as a recording booth.
  • 🥤 In-store activations to get taste-test reactions.
  • ❤️ At product launches for testimonials.
  • 🥳 Employee on-sites and parties.
  • 👗 Fashion events for a virtual runway recording.
  • ⚽️ Sporting events as a fan loyalty cam (or kiss-cam)
  • 🎄 Seasonal events like Christmas (leave Santa a message)

There are also lots of ways to tweak it and make it stand out:

  • 🎩️ Bring Props. Make sure there are some on-brand props that attendees can take into the booth. The sillier the better.
  • Brand the background. If working on-site, make sure the background to the video is on-brand.
  • 📺️ Put it on the big screen. If you have an event with a big screen, let people "go live" by playing their recording on the big screen in real-time.
  • 🔧️ Let them customise. Once recorded, let the user add their own touch. Logos, branding, paint brush, emojis, the world is your oyster. Let them personalise their video before submitting it.
  • 🌅 Print it. OK, you can't print a video, but you could print some screenshots live at the event as a memento.

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