Spin the wheel is a tried and trusted digital activation that can be introduced to almost any campaign brief.

The mechanic is well-known: a big-wheel with a number of different options is presented to the player. They spin it until it stops on a particular one.

Although simple, there are so many different ways to use it.

  • 🙋🏼‍♂️ As a trivia quiz where users spin to choose a category and get asked a question.
  • 🎫 As a competition giveaway where users spin to win.
  • 🏆 As a knock-out where players spin to eliminate other people or options.
  • 😰 As a challenge, where players spin to receive a task, like truth-or-dare

Not only are there many many ways to use the spin-the-wheel mechanic, it's also ideal for a variety of events:

  • 🎙️ Conferences as an attention grabber.
  • 🥳 On-site employee on-sites and parties.
  • 🎁 In-store giveaways for brands.
  • 🎪 Festival settings for trivia or competitions.
There are loads of reasons to like a spin-the-wheel digital activation:
  • Bring it anywhere. Use web technologies so that as well as working on-site you can share it over the web and take part on your phone.
  • It's fully digital. This activation can be fully digital, there's no need for any props or hardware. Everyone can take part from home and it's easy to share.
  • Well understood. Everyone knows how it works. It's tried and tested and easy to use. No complicated mechanics.

And lots of ways to tweak it and make it stand out:

  • Slick sounds. Not all bleeps and bloops are created equal. Make sure to use premium sounds to put your activation above the rest.
  • Slick animations. Not all bleeps and bloops are created equal. We’ve got the premium sounds that pair button bashing with a buzz.
  • Countdown timer. Tick tock. Add a countdown timer to add immediacy to the experience and increase engagement.
  • Add a leaderboard. Get the competitive juices flowing with a beautifully branded leaderboard that gets customers returning again and again to prove themselves #1.

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