Tug-of-War Bike Battle

Pit friends & family against each other with this competitive bike-based tug-of-war activation.


Perfect For

  • Sporting events Icon Sporting events
  • Corporate events Icon Corporate events
  • Family-friendly activations Icon Family-friendly activations
  • Two players jump on bikes and wait for the countdown. Once the starting gun fires it's time to pedal like crazy to try "pull" your opponent across the line first.

    Whoever can cycle the hardest for the longest wins! Sounds easy, but who will still have the legs after 2 minutes of relentless pedaling?

  • The tug-of-war battle is the ideal activation for competitive environments such as sporting events or corporate get-togethers.

    But add some fun character selection and you’ve got a family-friendly activation perfect for the kids - this versatile cycling challenge can fit any occasion.

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No two activations are created equal. We've got a selection of common features we can chop-and-change to your specification.

    Custom Hardware

    This activation features custom-made hardware just right for your campaign & shipped directly to your door.

    Pick a character

    Add a character-selection screen to let players choose who they'll compete as. Perfect for kids. 


    Get the competitive juices flowing with a beautifully branded leaderboard that gets customers returning again and again to prove themselves #1.

    Satisfying Sounds

    Not all bleeps and bloops are created equal. We’ve got the premium sounds that pair button bashing with a buzz.

    Slick Animations

    We use understated animations to help add a touch of class to your activation.


Nobody likes surprises so we try to keep our pricing as transparent as possible.

  • Ready to go

    1 - 2 weeks

    You have artwork ready to go (logos, colors, type, illustrations). We just need to get it running for you.

  • With creative

    2 - 4 weeks

    You’ll work with our design team to create a pitch perfect branded experience for your client.

  • Custom dev

    4+ weeks

    The game is close, but you need some custom functionality we don’t currently support.

    5250 +

A few more details

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    Payment. When your campaign gets the green light and we’ve been through the brief together, we’ll send you on a Stripe payment link which can be completed with credit card or debit card payment. Once we’ve received this payment we’ll get to work! Can’t do Stripe? Contact us to discuss alternative payment methods.

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    Shipping. The last thing we want is the big day to arrive while your hardware stuck in post office. Shipping is usually included in the above price but if you've a particularly tight timeline (we're talking days) there may be additional charges to get them out to you as fast as humanly possible.


  • How do the bikes work?

    You can use regular road bikes or mountain bikes. Regardless of which you choose, each bike sits on an off-the-shelf "exercise roller" which let players cycle in-place without moving.

    Each bike has a custom speedometer attached to it that measures how fast the player is cycling. We'll build these speedometers specially for you and ship them out to you before the event starts. These speedometers are then connected to a laptop that is running the game and you're good-to-go.

  • Who handles the physical installation?

    We’ve found that most agencies we work with are already extremely familiar with this part of the process and often have a number of vendors that they work with to build branded sets and installations. We’re focused on developing the software, so we leave the hardware to the experts!

    If you’re looking for a vendor to handle this, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you find a trustworthy partner in your area.

  • Have you any demos or examples?

    Yes! Get in touch with us and we can run you through some previous campaigns and demos to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Have we missed something?

If you've got any questions or comments, give us a shout. We'd be delighted to go through your campaign and see if we've got an activation for you.